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Just A Few Comments From Social Media

1. L Jaye Morgan, Author

It looks amazing! Thank you so much for including me. (featured page)

2. Katrina Harmon

Awesomeness! Look at God! Want he connect likeminded people together to collaborate. I didn’t know I was just reaching out to you and your page on Linkedin. Thanks

3. Dawn Ellen Morris
So happy to follow you! Love your page, evwn though I don't follow entertainment much. But! I Love the fact that you also talk about books! Yaaay!

4. @ms_cren

Thank you for bringing positive entertainment and much needed enlightenment


5. thank you too ladies. your page is very polished with good information. please enjoy my radio show as you enjoy your day! I'm in America.

Iris Bolling

6. You all are great! I would first like to thank you for sharing your love of reading and your work on uplifting black women readers and authors! What you do is really important and does not go unnoticed! Secondly, I will take sometime with my team to further engage with your websites so that I may get the full benefit of your services after the 1 week trial.


7. Replying to @PositiveBlackS1
Wow!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!

Digital Book Girl
8. It's a blessing to connect with your group! :)

9. I look forward to your tweets and hope you will follow back on Twitter and on IG...

Tonya Lampley
10. You're welcome Sis. Glad to know I'm not alone. My mission is to do the same!

Azaaa Davis, Author
11. The website looks great! -

G O L D I E.

12. Jocelyn Williams
You all are definitely promoting, entertaining, and enlightening

13. BB
No problem! I support your mission

Lucas CorVatta
14. Thank you. Please let me know how we can collaborate and inspire.

15. No worries i look forward to your tweets
Have a good day

KB Words
16. Thank YOU. Looking forward to your contributions.

Native Wakandan Here on H1B Work Visa
17. Excellent! That is what is needed!

Self Care Pursuit
18. I'm so glad you are enjoying the website! I love providing data-driven content focussing on Self Care. Have a lovely day! Sincerely, Sarah

Annette Johnson
19. Welcome and thanks for creating.

20. Thank you as well & looking forward to your tweets.

Jaycinth K Johnson
21. Hey! That sounds great! I'll be reading.

Pan Afrika Network
22. We're shuffling a number of sites and servers around so yes, the site is missing in action the past week. We appreciate the heads up though and will push through the new site from the development server by days end. Hope you check it out again and let us know what you think of the early roll out!

23. Hey! thanks for promoting SendinBlue on your tweeter feed!

Ronald Ck Ong
24. Positive, thank you for following me. Here's to your future success.

25. That would be great, thanks for the support..

Black Businesses Directory
Hello @PositiveBlackS1
26. Thanks for joining us, It would be an honour to have you visit our
Black Business Directory

Christina Carrega
27. And thank you for the shout out! Enjoy your weekend!

28. I’m looking forward to the entertainment and engaging dialogue.

Abdulahi Mohamed
29. A pleasure! Nothing makes me more happier than supporting my own people.

30. Good afternoon. I was already captured by your title. GOD is going to part the sea for Y'all. I plan to see you on one of Oprah's shows sooner than later. Blessings are on the way!
From DeVerg'e

Ms. Angel
Your very welcome and thank you for the support!

31. Christine Walters
Hi! Thank you so much!

32. Lynn Hall, Author
Awwww.... I LOVE IT. So grateful for you. *happy tears* We are making it happen.

33. Clara Freeman
You're welcome. Looking forward to your tweets!

34. @DeeReedTalkShow

35. Appreciate you sistahs for your beautiful existence

36. Thank You for your support of my timeline. Have a blessed day.

37. Happy Holidays! If you ever would like me to bring Motivation of thought & energy. Please let me know! I'm seeking speaking engagements!!

Stacy Hawkins Adams
38. Thanks so much for including me. I'm honored! As I release new work and build a promotional budget, I will keep your site in mind. In the meantime, thanks for the free listing. I'm wishing you tremendous success!

Dorthea Kemp
39. I will screenshot your site and make a statement about what you do.

K. Brown
40. Thank you! My pleasure glad to have found you!

41. Positive Black Sisters is what it’s about
I will always support

42. thank you so much!!!

Hello Lash Diva
43. Thank you , on behalf of our family we look forward to sharing the platform of enlightenment with you!

AFRO-SPANISH-ASIATIC: Rep All Three Of My Cultures
44. Your welcome I like following those who are doing positive things in their neighborhoods and who dont let anyone or anything stop them from doing what is needed to be done and that is why I decided to follow you guys

45. Your welcome, I’m working on opening a giftshop so I will keep you Ladies in mind and please will you ladies do the same with my information.

Sean Dinwiddie
46. Give Praise to yourselves from the Glory of God for the Blessings

ISA for All
47. you're most welcome sisters... as a positive thinker, i also promote good vibes only

Shelly Rich
48. Thank you for the message! I look forward to being enlightened by some positive Black sisters!

It's NOLA Thang
49. Your welcome and I look forward to hearing them. I went on your website and saw the list of books that I hope to add to my repetoire

50. Your welcome. Thank you for following US TAX CORP. We have some great useful information coming out this year.

Third Royal Empress
51. Your Welcome.I appreciate everything you Do.

52. Thank U as well and my objective is def the SAME. Peace & blessings⚘

Biznest Funding
You are welcome! We are here to share and support one another!



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