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We'll take a screenshot of your book or website, and post through our IG or X(twitter) account.

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Why is there a fee for signing up for site listing?

  • The fee is for taking a screenshot of your website or book and creating some initial graphics.

Why is there a setup fee for signing up for subscription services?

  • The fee is for taking a screenshot of your website or book, creating some initial graphics, preparing a press release and more.

If I purchase the site listing only, what happens after the 30 days of social media posting?

  • Your listing stays active, but the social media posts stops.

What is the immediate benefit of the site listing services?

  • Our team markets our websites daily to attract visitors, they visit the website, thus have access to visit your listing. The websites are listed on the 1st page of major search engines.

What is the immediate benefit of the subscription services?

  • We provide immediate additional exposure through site listing, graphic and content creations.

  • We list your website or book on our 2 main websites and/or 2 affiliate websites.

  • Our posts through X(formerly known as twitter) are tracked by google and our appears daily on that search engine.

  • As an option, we can save you a tremendous amount of time by scheduling your social media posts.

What social media accounts do you post to?

  • We can schedule posts to Instagram, Facebook, X(formerly twitter) and LinkedIn.

  • We can manually posts to Threads & Spoutible.

Does this website reach a national audience?

  • Yes, because we are currently listed on the 1st page of Google and yahoo, you will share our national exposure.

Do you offer any additional social media or marketing assistance?

  • Yes, we now provide direct social media posting assistance.

What payment methods do you take?

  • To keep things simple, we process all payments through PayPal. You can use any major credit card, debit card or a PayPal account.

How do I get started?

  • Contact us with any additional questions you may have and/or visit our pricing info above, and we'll take it from there.

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