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Word Press Landing Pages

Word Press landing pages are purpose-built web pages that can offer newsletters, eBooks, whitepapers, or special offers in exchange for contact details or certain actions.

There are many ways our Word Press landing pages services can help your business. These benefits include:

  • Promoting your products or services

  • Selling digital products

  • Building trust & credibility

Basic Video Voiceover Creation

Basic video voiceover creation can help your video content reach a larger audience beyond the barriers of language and culture. Our new voiceover creation services help you achieve accessibility. Consider the fact that over 67 million Americans and 6 billion people worldwide are not native English speakers.

Consider the following reasons why you should invest in basic video voiceover creation:

  • Many audiences prefer voiceover as compared to subtitles

  • Voiceover simplifies e-learning

  • Voiceover can help boost conversions

When you include voiceover, you can deliver an optimal viewer experience. Most popular video types can benefit from basic video voiceover creation services. This includes marketing and PR videos, documentaries, e-learning or training videos, news broadcasts, pod-casts, blogs, fitness videos, social media videos, and more.

Custom Graphics

As a business, you will require custom graphics services for not just creative marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, and banners, but also for your digital content such as websites and logos. Our custom graphics services also cover designing services for landing pages, websites, social media pages, and mobile apps.

The various benefits of professional custom graphics services include:

  • Excellent first impression

  • Presentation of a professional image

  • Brand development and recognition

  • More effective communication

  • Higher conversion rates

  • Building trust

Effective custom graphics creation helps draw more people to your content, thus increasing the chances of conversions.

Do you register my domain name?

Will my project be included in google?

  • Once completed, your project will scheduled to be included in Google database. You would be able to search for your domain name and see your project. This however is not a marketing search, just a company or domain search.

How long does it take to create an affordable landing page?

  • We ask for 7-10 business days after we start and with all of your images and content.

Which payment methods do you take?

  • Our preferred method is by credit card using PayPal which is secure and trusted by millions (for accepting credit card or PayPal account payments).

What do I need to get started?

  • Domain name you want to use, if you already have one, let us know where it is registered.

  • Initial content (images, text, social media links, video links etc.) you want included.

  • Deposit.

How do I get started?

  • Contact us below with any of your questions, we can also set up an initial free 30 minute consultation.

A note about our pricing:

You deserve peace of mind when it comes to your web design services and fees. Make sure you look at exactly what we include when comparing pricing. Often overlooked items are hosting and initial maintenance. These are all covered with all our design packages.

For this reason, we have always provided our pricing on a flat fee basis. * This provides our clients with the benefit of predictable pricing. In other words, you pay a fee, and we complete the work—no time keeping necessary. We will present a detailed proposal with our flat rate pricing but will also notify you what could affect these prices.





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To prevent copyright infringement, we do not use any public domain images. We use images from the following sources, if any image that was emailed to us from a free subscription is a copyrighted image, we will immediately remove it from our website upon notification by email at, phone 478-922-8979 or by snail mail - PO Box 1531, Warner Robins, GA 31099. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COPYRIGHTED IMAGES RECEIVED FROM A FREE SUBSCRIPTION/SITE.

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Alternate FREE Sources For Images

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  2. Images From Layouts Provided At From 10 Year Association
  3. Free Images of The Week From iStock Photo

Paid Sources For Images

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