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Especially 4 Me Publishing: A Unique Platform for Minority Youth to Share their Stories & Knowledge

Imagine a child writing and publishing a book of their own. A book that brings knowledge and deeper insights for their peers and the world. Especially 4 Me Publishing provides just the right platform for minority youth to take their first step in the field of writing and having their work published. This platform is inspired and driven by a unique goal to provide educational projects to Empower Underrepresented Youth. This platform has been successful in promoting self-awareness and self-advocacy among youth.

Promoting Positivity & Intellectual Growth

When enquired about the platform’s goals, the spokesperson elaborated, “Our mission is to empower the minority youth and promote Youth Advocacy by providing them with motivational tools for success in their academic life and gradual transition into adult life. We want to help the young develop life skills that pivot around high values and excellence.”
She further added, “If you have a story to tell, something valuable to share, or knowledge that you think should reach more people, we welcome you to our platform.”
Interested youth can submit their proposals with even a partial manuscript of their work. “We would like to hear from the writer about the importance of their chosen topic, the market they target, and the potential problems their work can help resolve,” the spokesperson added.

A Background on Especially 4 Me Publishing

Especially 4 Me Publishing was founded in 2015 by Dr. Angelise M. Rouse. She believes that everyone should write at least one book in their lifetime. She is an education writer herself and a strong advocate in General And Special Education. She is driven by her goal to create and deliver educational experiences that empower students with special needs. Her doctorate research work is focused on examining the development of opportunities in special education learning.
According to her spokesperson, “According to Dr. Rouse, there is a compelling and unique story in everyone. Everyone has a personal insight that brings substance to their ideas in bringing dramatic change. She believes that it is the job of educators to bring positive changes in their students and empower them better in their life.”

Making a Difference

The world is a more challenging place for minority youth. Things are even more difficult for those with disabilities. The more challenges you have faced in your life, the more inspiring stories you have to tell. Especially 4 Me Publishing provides such students the opportunity to tell their stories and life lessons to the world.
It is interesting that there is no other current platform in existence that allows youth to publish their stories. This is an exception in providing the right place for minority youth to share their knowledge, experiences, and stories, and promote Self-Help And Empowerment.
Some of the major organizations that Especially 4 Me Publishing has partnered with over the years include Ashford University, Camden City School District, Walden University, and American College of Education to name a few. The platform is always growing and evolving, with new books being published regularly.
For more information about the platform, it is recommended to contact the representative.
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