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Rona D. Drinkard: The Self-Published Author Bags Multiple Awards for Her First Women’s Romance Fiction

Maryland - The African-American community has been undergoing a kind of literary revolution over the past couple of decades. Rona D. Drinkard is a splendid example, who has emerged as a multi-award-winning author from Buffalo, NY. Her debut novel, Friendship Matters, has been a running success, winning her multiple accolades and raving 5-star reviews.  The self-published Black Women’s Fiction author wrote her first book after her relocation to Maryland, having been inspired by the separation she experienced when she moved away from her family and friends.

Rona’s First Book

Friendship Matters is Rona’s first work. A Women’s fiction novel, the book’s storyline pays homage to the author’s hometown of Buffalo and captures the essence of how true friends can become family.  In the words of Morgan Justice of Indies Today, “Friendship Matters is a timeless, charming story about three women who need each other as much as they need the very air they breathe.” 

Rona’s very first work earned her multiple awards, placing her somewhere at the top among Black Women’s Fiction.  Fermosalua of The Chrysalis Brew Project shared her views of Rona D.’s debut novel by stating “Friendship Matters’ is not only women’s fiction but an honest depiction of the female experience of African American women.”  Overwhelmed by the book’s success and at the request of book lovers around the globe, Rona will be continuing the saga of Timeless friendship stories as she is working on its sequel.

One book fan acknowledged that “In this fictional tale of unbreakable bonds, the three lead characters are like any other modern-day women searching for happiness in the form of freedom, new love, or rekindling old love. Throughout this engaging journey, they maintain a loyal relationship while supporting each other.”  This broadens the audience as it has captured the hearts and minds of Women’s Romance Fiction story lovers as well.

The plot inspires readers, and the characters are memorable. Even though this is Women’s Fiction, it has been recognized as a must-read for both men and women. ‘Friendship Matters’ is available as an autographed paperback or hardcover from Rona’s official website or from Amazon. Readers can also order eBook versions on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Scribd, KOBO, and other platforms.

An Award-Winning Black Women’s Fiction

It is stunning for any author, from any background to receive so many awards and accolades just after publishing her first book. Rona’s ‘Friendship Matters’ has won numerous awards and recognitions, placing her in the limelight among Women’s Fiction authors in a very short span of time. This includes winning the 2022 Indie Excellence Juror’s Choice Award, 2021 BREW Readers' Choice of the Year Award for Women's Fiction, BREW Seal of Excellence, BREW Readers' Choice Award for Fiction, February 2022 BREW, 2021 Winner of Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Award, 2021 Indies Today Finalist, and the 16th Annual National Indie Award Finalist in African American Fiction.

Rona is regularly having her book reading and signing events while also encouraging book lovers to reach out for book club activities and speaking engagements. “We are busy throughout the summer and fall and welcome readers to be at the venues. The dates and venues can be found on our events pages. Patrons may also register for our events from our website” Rona’s launch team exclaimed.

For more information about Rona, her work, or collaboration, it is recommended to reach out to her team.

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